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GOSH 2021 Community Council Election Registration

Please register below for the 2021 GOSH Community Council Election.

As stated in the governance plan, eligibility for voting in Community Council elections shall require that individuals have been active participants in the GOSH community for a period of at least the past 6 months. Put differently, anyone who has actively participated in the GOSH community for 6 months or more prior to the date of the election will be eligible to both vote and run for Community Council.

By “Active participation” we envision anyone who has made a substantial or significant contribution to the GOSH community, including:

  1.  Attending or facilitating at least one session at a GOSH gathering.
  2. Contributions made to the GOSH Roadmap as a co-author.
  3. Organizing or participating in at least one community call.
  4. Active participation on the forum starting prior to six months before voter registration opens, such as providing substantial insight or helping others by posting or replying on the forum at least once.
  5. Organizing or attending at least one regional or topical GOSH-related gathering or activity.
  6. Active participation in regional discussion groups, such as providing substantial insight or helping others on at least one occasion.

Community members can indicate other forms of active participation, as we understand this is a new set of criteria and likely to be incomplete.

In general for the first election, the Working Group will prioritize inclusion and will exercise leniency in matters of voter eligibility. 

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